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Erosion Control

Stone Strong Retaining Wall System

The first true gravity wall system introduced to the retaining wall industry is now becoming the new Standard for the precast industry. Stone Strong Systems offers many advantages over other retaining wall systems. Our blocks clearly lead the industry by benefiting the owner with an economical. proportional. and esthetically pleasing wall. Stone Strong blocks are the first in the precast industry to be fully engineered both structurally and geo-technically: more and more engineers will demand Stone Strong for their projects. because they are willing to put their stamp on it!

Stone Strong Systems makes efficient use of contractor’s equipment and eliminates intense labor needed to assemble average retaining walls. The use of this cutting-edge retaining wall system will create gravity walls of 9 to 12 feet in height without the use of geo-grid. eliminating a future conflict with utility easements. For those walls that require greater heights, Stone Strong Systems is engineered to achieve those needs without a mechanical connection using geo-grid.

Stone Strong Systems is based on two block designs; a 24 SF block for larger walls, and a 6 SF block designed to accommodate small walls. The smaller block allows for a tighter turning radius or vertical and horizontal adjustments as needed. With the use of inserts and liners in the standard forms, the producer may pour additional accessories to put the finishing touches on a wall as needed with top blocks, half blocks, end blocks and caps.

The blocks are cast in high quality machined forms for consistency; blockouts on the doors create many advantages, namely material savings. Blocks are in-filled with specified aggregate, the area created by the blocltouts form an internal drainage system. This creates one of the only wal systems in the industry to have a drainage system integrated into the wall itself.

Our system is designed and tested to meet the N.C.MA SRWU-Z and ASTM 06638. It will meet design requirements for municipal. county. state and federal projects.


Accessories – Lifting Devices, manhole steps and ladders, waterproofing, gaskets, joint wrap and sealant, cable racks, inserts, pulling irons, hatches, rings and covers, frames and grates.  Most items are available for pickup by simply placing a call to our sales team.

Custom Products

Custom Products – Through the years we have produced numerous custom products for customers, from company signage and decorative wall panels, to corbels and keystones – we are happy to work with you to see if precast is the right option for your application.

Median Barriers

Median Barriers – 10’ Barrier Sections (for Private use, not DOT approved)