Barbour’s precast concrete products allow you to get in and out of the job in hours, not days. All products undergo continuous in-depth testing to meet design requirements. This strength is in compliance with National Precast Concrete Association’s (NPCA) ( quality control standards. Barbour also meets and exceeds standards set by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). Precast products consistently achieve this level of quality when manufactured in a climate-controlled environment, saving you time on the job site.

Barbour offers many standard products, but most of our work is customized by our design team, in conjunction with contractors and engineers to produce structures specifically for a job. Our years of experience allow us to offer innovative thinking and creative solutions for all situations.


Sewer Manholes

Storm Sewer Inlets
Drop Inlets, Junction Boxes, Curb Inlets, Trench Drain, Box Culvert

Power & Communication Vault
Transformer Pads, Switchgear Pads, Utility Vaults, Panel Vaults, Cable Trench, Pole Bases

Water, Gas & Grit Chambers
Grease and Oil Interceptors, Meter and Backflow Preventor Vaults

Concrete Utility Shelters
Above ground Concrete Utility Shelters

Erosion Control
Cable Concrete

Median Barriers

Lifting Devices, manhole steps and ladders, waterproofing, gaskets, joint wrap and sealant, cable racks, inserts, pulling irons, hatches, rings and covers, frames and grates